The Work at Home Mom’s Mother’s Day

The Work at Home Mom’s Mother’s DayThe Work at Home Mom’s Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and for those of us who work from home it might seem like it will be just another day. Another day of juggling clients and naptime, cleaning and invoices. Another day of trying to do everything for everyone else without one moment to yourself. Well, let’s put a stop to that right now. Let’s take back Mother’s Day.

As a WAHM, I know how hard it can be to put work on hold. It’s always there at the back of your mind—things you know you should be doing. Projects with deadlines fast approaching. A never-ending to-do list. Work encroaches on family time. Since there’s no true separation from the office, it can be hard to put work away and focus only on spending quality time with your loved ones. This Sunday, I propose that we toss out the to-do list. I propose that we reclaim Mother’s Day for our own. Work can wait one day. Let’s just take this Mother’s Day and spend it how we want. Maybe that means some pure, quality time with your kids. Maybe that means a relaxing spa day just for you. Whatever a “day off” means to you, make it happen. Reward yourself with the gift of time. You deserve it, Mama.

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