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Welcome to the only website primarily focused on the Canadian WAHM (work at home mom) market! WAHM Canada Community - FREE forum for work at home moms Are you a Canadian work at home mom? Do you … [Read more...]

10 Ways Online Forums Keep Moms Sane

  Being home alone with small children and no one else to talk to is enough to challenge the sanity of even the most devoted mother. Add to that the stresses of loneliness, having nobody … [Read more...]

Canadian WAHMs Needed!

Canadian WAHMs Needed! Are you a work-at-home mom living in Canada who is looking for support, ideas and encouragement for your home-based business? Are you a mom looking to work from home but … [Read more...]

Looking for WAHM Canada blog contributors!

Now that we are fully up and running we are on the hunt for Canadian work at home moms that are open to do become a WAHM Canada contributor. Do you have the writing bug want to get your name out … [Read more...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Trade Show

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Trade Show   The following is a list of Trade Show Do’s & Don’t(s) that I have accumulated over the past 5 years while coordinating the Calgary Moms Trade Fair ~ … [Read more...]

Trade Fair Booth Display Tips

Your trade fair booth display is one of the most important aspects of your trade show presentation. Just being there isn’t enough to make attending a trade show worthwhile. You need to have a trade … [Read more...]

Women Entrepreneurs Are In

More and more women today are finding themselves into business especially in these economic times. Most women cite the need to augment their family's income as a reason why they turn to business. … [Read more...]

What To Look For In A Direct Sales Company

Where do I start? How do I know what To Look For In A Direct Sales Company? Starting a home based business requires that several factors are taken into consideration to see if building a business is … [Read more...]

Virtual Assistants: 4 Ways to Get More Clients Today

If you're a Virtual Assistant, you know that the one thing that is your lifeblood, the one thing that keeps your income steady, is a finding clients. Luckily, there are several ways to keep a steady … [Read more...]

Mom, Do You Want More Me Time?

  Let's see. You did the laundry, dropped the boys off at Karate and the girls at dance class, stopped at the grocery store for a few last minute dinner items...What's missing? As you were … [Read more...]